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Search text and replace (specifying text and format)


We are evaluating Aspose.Words and it looks great. We need some help to finish the evaluation, this is our problem:

We need to search for some text (optionally specifying format) and replace it with other text and optionally changing format. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance


Please check 'Find and Replace' section in the 'Working With Range' article of our programmer's guide. Also check 'Replacing URL strings with Hyperlinks' and 'Replacing Hyperlinks Example' articles in the 'Knowledge Base/ Technical Articles' chapter of the programmer's guide. If you have any further questions I will be happy to answer them.

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Hello, Could you please provide a link to the programmers guide. I can't seem to find it on your site anywhere.


Hi, disregard that previous post..I found it.

Thanks for the time