Searching document for hidden text fields

I’m thinking of purchasing the Words product. But before I do I have a question regarding whether it can deliver the following requirement.
I have a Word document (version 2010 or later) it’s properly structured with lots of different headings / levels. Scattered within the document are hidden text fields.
It is possible for the system to scan through the Word document and for each piece of hidden text return the parent heading that it sits within it?
So if the text ‘Hidden01’ was written somewhere within the Section 2.1.5 I’d get:
Hidden01 - Section 2.1.5
Appreciate your thoughts.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, you can achieve your requirements using Aspose.Words. Run.Font.Hidden property returns true if the font is formatted as hidden text. Once you get the Run node having hidden text, you can get the parent node of Run node.

Could you please share your input Word document and parent heading detail here for our reference? We will then provide you more information on this along with code.