Searching Wiki documentation


I am new to Aspose and am doing some product evaluation, and am
slightly frustrated by the Wiki documentation - the search just does
not work, either in Netscape or IE. I type in a word like “Document”,
click “Go” and the search box empties and the page stays the same - no
search results or anything. In the “Find References” section, same
thing - no results, and the text in the “Search” box reverts to
something I did not type in it…How do you (or can you) search all
the Aspose.Word documentation (as one would with a CHM file) for
something like “template” . I was trying to find out how
Aspose.Word operates with DOT files.


James Stewart



Hi James,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

Thanks for the report, I'll forward it to the developers responsible for maintaining Wiki. In respect of .dot files - Aspose.Word operates with them similarly to how it works with normal .doc files since they are actually the same.


Hi, James,

Thanks for your consideration.

I am one of the developers for maintaining Wiki.

1. If you want to search something , type the key word like "doc" ,then click .

(Attention: Please don't use "Enter" key, otherwise, It will stay the same page.)

2.Why can't you find anything about "Document".

For upload file for Aspose.Wiki system is a new function and it was updated on 08-10-2005.

Well , I think there was no such attachment.

For any problem , Please post here!

Thanks very much!


When I enter a search term and press Go, the text in teh search box
disappears, and I see “Done” in the IE status bar (I normally do not
use IE though).

All this gave the impression that nothing was happening.

However, I have discovered that if you wait (over a minute?) you do get a results window appearing - very slowly.

Sorry, but I do not know what you are referring to when you mention “upload” and “attachment”

Thank you for your reply.



Hi , James ,

Actually, search is working.

To search "document" keyword, the URL of the search page is

that is taking much time to display search results,(about 3-5min)

it's because of too many search results that caused page to react slow.that causes page to open slowly.

I am sorry that u may have no choice but waiting to open the page take pains.

Of course, we will think about how to improve quick-reaction capability.


Thank you for your reply and explanation,