Secondary Y-Axis possible


Hi is it possible in version to add a secondary Y-Axis to a chart?

If it is possible, how? If it is not, will the feature be added in a later version?

regards, Felix


I found that version 3.5.3 has the ability of SecondValueAxis.

I cannot find however how I can ‘connect’ the secondvalueaxis to the
datavalues of the second dataseries. If I just use the following code,
Excel 2003 crashes.



Is there an example?

regards, Felix


Hi Felix,

Could you please manual create a sample chart in MS Excel to show your need? I will check how to serve your need.


Please find an example attached.

I’ve got it working up to the point that when I create a chart lilke
this, with the type ColumnStacked and then add the line series to it,
the file that is created crashes excel. If I create the columns
unstacked, it works, but the chart is not like I want it.

regards, Felix


Hi Felix,

Custom chart combined with ColumnStacked and Line series is not supported yet. We will make it in the new future. It will take about one week. Thanks for your patience.


I’ve installed the new version 3.6 and it is working perfectly now. Thanks a lot!