Section breaks showing


I have made my aspose.word code do some nice things with section breaks. But the outputted word file, when viewed with Word still displays the ugly section breaks!

I want it to look like a regular Word file and not show the section breaks. How do I do it?



Thank you for considering Aspose.

If I understand you correctly, you should simply hide formatting marks by pressing Paragraph mark button on the Standard toolbar so it gets “off” state. Aspose.Word does produce regular Word files and whether to show formatting marks is just a Word option.


How do I change it so by deault word will open it up in "Print Layout". ALL my word reports open up in Print Layout EXCEPT for the report that has section breaks - it opens up in nasty "Normal layout"

Please help. I am a registered user ( bought product)


To make MS Word open your file in "Page Layout" mode by default execute the following line before saving your document:

doc.ViewOptions.ViewType = ViewType.PageLayout;


I tried that, when I compiled I got:

'Aspose.Word.Document' does not contain a definition for 'ViewOptions'

I am using version with ENTERPRISE license.


Yes, that is a new feature. Version does not have it. You need to upgrade to use this property.