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Section property- type of section: next-page- continuous- even- odd. [feature request]

I'm constructing a document that has several conditional sections- whether certain fragments are included or not is determined by business logic. The document starts out containing all alternative text fragments, and at runtime some fragments are conditionally deleted. To do this in aspose.word, I either bracket the conditional text in a mailmerge field, or, if the conditional fragment contains a table [usually a single table row], I bracket it between continuous section breaks and create logic to conditionally delete the enclosing section.

Eventually I want to send the pruned document to aspose.pdf and this has the following problem: aspose.pdf cannot handle multiple sections on the same page- it causes the headers and footers to get mangled.

If I could distinguish between page-breaking and non-breaking sections, I could merge the non-breaking sections before I send the file to aspose.pdf so the document would only contain page-breaking sections.

Is it possible to have a property on the aspose.word section object that returns the type of the section break (next-page, continuous, even, odd) that starts the section?


Charu Tevari

System Architect
Advanced Illustration Systems
John Han*** Life Insurance Company

I will release Aspose.Word hotfix later today that provides Section.PageSetup property which you can use to get/set page setup and section properties.