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Hi guys,

A quick question re:security if you don’t mind.

I’m evaluating saaspose for an application that deals with legal documents, i.e. legally sensitive data. Let’s say I invoke the Rest API to convert a (legal) content PDF to an MS Word Doc…

  1. Can I assume that web service communication can be carried out over httpS…?

  2. Does a copy of the original PDF remain on your server? Is the content logged anywhere etc? Can I guarantee that the data has not/will not be compromised? Do you have any offical published policy you can point me to, i.e. something I can cover my ass with? :wink:

Thanks for your time on this, appreciated.
Mark Greene

Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for your interest in Saaspose API.

I would like to share that all of your files are stored in your own storage at Saaspose. We do not look into your files. However, some times, if there is some issue with your particular document, we'll have to have a look into that particular document only for investigation purposes, and that will be only if you share the file and allow us to have a look into that. That is used by our support/development team for testing and we do not share such files with anyone and we do not use these files for any purpose other than testing. And this is only in case we need to test some particular issue. Otherwise, your files remain secure in your own space and no one accesses those files.

You can also post your files to Saaspose storage using HTTPS, so that they're transferred to us securely. In addition to that, you can also keep your files on external storage like Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon S3 etc. and Saaspose API will process the files from there. Moreover, even if you upload the files to Saaspose storage, you can delete them using either by API call or by Web UI after they're processed. Also, some of the API resources even allow you to submit your files and process them with Saaspose API without saving them on the server.

So, I can assure you that your files will be safe with us and no one will have a look into those files. I hope this satisfies your concerns. If you still have any question or concern, please do let us know. Also, if you have any technical queries or need more information about your requirements, please do let us know. Please visit the link to check official privacy policy and terms of use.

We're looking forward to work with you.

Imran Rafique
Support Developer, Saaspose
Support Team