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Segoe UI symbol is rendered as square box after DOCX to RTF conversion using .NET

Hello, (54.7 KB)
Here is a zip containing a docx file (segoe_ui_symbol_two.docx), and two rtf files created by converting that docx file, one by Word, one by Aspose.Words (v18.6, but it is the same result in v20.7).
The word rtf is fine, note the second line is in segoe UI symbol, however, the Aspose created rtf displays that text as squares. I had a quick look as to why it should be like this, but it is quite subtle, so I pass this to you, the experts!
Thanks in advance, keep up the good work!


The input document (segoe_ui_symbol_two.docx) contains the square box. Please check the attached image for detail. input.png (17.4 KB)

Could you please share some more detail about the issue that you are facing? We will investigate the issue and provide you more information on it.