Select active workbook through aspose


Hi team,
Is there any possibility to select active workbook and do some manipulation in it.
Main requirement is I already have VSTO ribbon in which i have a button so when user clicks on the button aspose will select the active workbook and change it’s custom UI at the runtime. Is this possible through Aspose?


Aspose.Cells can detect the active worksheet and perform task over it however it requires to open the Excel file independently and cannot interact with MS Excel for any information sharing. I am afraid that the functionality which you are looking is not possible in this way. You need to set some worksheet active using VSTO ribbon, but after that this file needs to be closed. Aspose.Cells can open this file and detect the active worksheet to perform any task.

You may please have a look at this article for more details about VSTO vs Aspose.Cells.


thank @ahsan i hope it will be sufficient for me.


You are welcome.