Selection object of MS Word



Many of our web applications use MS Word 2000 to generate documents on server-side. One of the members in our organization has suggested that the Aspose Office products are much faster than Microsoft Office suite of products. Hence, we are currently working on the evaluation version to check out if all are requirements are met by Aspose Word.
Currently, I am facing the following problem: I have certain text in our documents which are in specific formats. This text must be replaced with the actual value. I am using the Selection object of MS Word, using which we replace the selected text with the actual value.
We have downloaded the evaluation version 2.5.2 of Aspose Word and although have done a complete installation, in my project, I have referenced the downloaded dll. I am not able to find a class similar to the selection class of MS Word. Could you please suggest which class object should be created.

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Thank you for considering Aspose.

Although Aspose.Word API has some similarities to MS Word API, they however differ and the Selection object is not supported. Currently the best solution for you is to wait until Aspose.Word v3 is out that will allow you to do many things you need although maybe not always the way you do it in MS Word. We are going to release v3 pretty soon.