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Sending meeting invitation in iCalendar format


I have a piece of code that sends an ics file as an attachement and when opened the ics file will create a calendar entry.

I'm trying to get this message to be recognized as a meeting request directly. In other words, I want an outlook use to see the message as a meeting invitation and be able to accept or reject it. Upon acceptance it should auto add to calendar.

Further, I would also like this same iCalendar format email to be recognized by any iCalendar compatible mail server. I think I'll get this compatibility when I get the proper iCalendar format.

Is this something Apose.iCalendar will help me with? I think I'm pretty close but I must be missing some header info.

I suspect that MailMessage() is not setting the headers I need when I need them. I may have to open a stream direct to port 25 of the outbound server and send it that way but I'm not crazy about the prospect of doing this. Any chance this will help? Any other advise?


Aspose.iCalendar cannot deal with a complete .ics file at the moment. Aspose.iCalendar can only read and produce the recurrence pattern that could be part of an .ics file.