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Server-Side Generation of PDF document


I need to generate something like 3500++ pages of PDF document. I am refering to a ASP.NET web application using C#.

Conceptually, I want the user to trigger (“fire and forget”) the print job and let the server generate the PDF document. And once the print job is completed an email will be send to the user with a download link to retrieve the PDF document.

Basically once the user click on the Print PDF button, they should be able to close the web application (browser) and walk off. Meaning they do not need to wait for the PDF generation, it should be done and save on the server side.

1. How can I make asynchronous to Aspose.PDF to perform the print job on server end?

2. Will there be an issue for Aspose.PDF to generate 3500 pages of PDF document?

3. What is needed to done to allow for the above workflow to happen.

4. Will I be able to do the same thing on the Aspose.Excel?

Dear cheeann,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

1. Aspose.Pdf don’t support asynchronous call itself. You should create a thread to run it at server side.

2. Generating 3500 pages PDF is not problem. But you’d better use the direct-to-file mode. Please refer to Wirting Pdf file directly.

3. Once the user click on the Print PDF button, you create a new thread and use Aspose.Pdf to generate the document. When the document is generated, you can send a email with a link to the document to user.

4. Aspose.Excel can do the same thing. Post you questions on Aspose.Excel’s forum for more information.