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Server-side pdf rendering

I'm looking for a web tool that will somehow display a pdf file in a browser, without the pdf file being downed to the client. Something like Microsoft Office Web Apps, but for PDFs. I want to use such a tool in sharepoint to display pdfs to users, without it being downloaded to their browser cache.

Do your tools do that?

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Thank you for considering Aspose.Pdf.

Do you need a visual tool / control to show the PDF files in the browser?or you need to process a PDF file on server and open it in the browser (in any PDF viewing tool like Adobe Acrobat).

The first option (Visual Tool to show the PDF file) is not possible with Aspose.Pdf for .NET as it is a tool to generate new Pdf files and manipulate the existing files. It is not a visual tool. But, one way to accomplish this via Aspose.Pdf for .NET is to convert the Pdf file into images and use some image control to show the images on the web / browser. If it fits your requirement.

Please do let us know about your requirement, so we can let you know about the features you can use to achieve your desired results.

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