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SetLicense() and Embedded Resources

I posed a similar thread on the PDF.Kit board, but I thought I’d try here also…

Using the SetLicense() method of the License class for Aspose.PDF, with the lic file as an embedded resource, I get an exception. The Aspose Word class seems to support this correctly, but the Aspose.PDF class does not seem to search for an embedded resource license file, and instead throws an exception that it can not find the lic file in the output folder.

The API manual says:

“an attempt will be made to find a license file named Aspose.Pdf.lic in the folder that contains the component, in the folder that contains the calling assembly, in the folder of the entry assembly and then in the embedded resources of the calling assembly.”

To make this worse, the overloads for the SetLicense() are not consistant with the other Aspose products.

For example, the Aspose.Word.License class takes:

SetLicense(licenseName as String)
SetLicense(stream As System.IO.Stream)

The Aspose.Pdf takes:

(licenseFile As String)
(licenseReader As IO.TextReader, page As Web.UI.Page)
(licenseFile As String, page As Web.UI.Page)
(licenseReader As IO.TextReader)

It doesn’t even take a IO.Stream… so I can’t go the embedded resource route at all with this class. I will have to include it in my project output directory, something I had really hoped to avoid.


Looks like the HotFix took care of all my issues. Thanks!