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SetLicense Exception in .NET 6 for v20.4.0


We are developing an application to use Aspose running on .NET 6 and are running into an error when applying our license with the SetLicense procedure. The procedure fails with the exception “Exception of type ‘System.Exception’ was thrown”.

We are using Aspose version 20.4.0 as this is the latest version we’re licensed with and this has been used without issue in prior .NET versions. Is this exception a known issue with .NET 6 and is there a resolution or workaround to apply our current license on newer versions of .NET?


Microsoft published .NET6.0 in November/December, 2021. The .NET6.0 support in Aspose APIs was added recently. We recommend you to kindly upgrade to latest version of Aspose for .NET APIs if you want to use the libraries in .NET 6.0 projects. Anyways, which Aspose for .NET APIs you are using? Also, which .NET framework compiled Aspose Dll(s) you are using from the older version or release archive?

Thanks for your reply. There’s no known workaround to provide compatibility for our current license on .NET 6? Do all products in the newer versions Apose.Total have full support in .NET 6?

We’re using Aspose.PDF, Aspose.Words, Aspose.Cells, and Aspose.Email all version 20.4.0 via NuGet.


Apparently there is no known workaround except upgrade to latest versions of the APIs. Anyways, we will further check and get back to you soon.

Mostly newer versions of Aspose for .NET APIs support .NET6.0 framework except Aspose.PDF for .NET.

Does Aspose.PDF really not support it? Enhancement PDFNET-50633 in version 21.11 (“Add support for license in .NET 6.0”) seems to the be fix for our issue and implies that .NET 6.0 is supported


You are right. The support for .NET 6.0 was added in 21.11 version of Aspose.PDF for .NET. What we meant above was that the same support was added most recently in the other Aspose APIs except Aspose.PDF (it was added in 21.11) version. Furthermore, we recommend the latest version always due to the fact that we keep implementing improvements and fixes in the API and they all can be accessed through using the latest available version. Also, we provide support on the basis of the latest available versions of the Aspose APIs.