SetMeteredKey not Working for Aspose.Email

Hi there,

We are using Aspose Email on .NET, version 23.3.0. For this, we set a metered key using Aspose.Email.Metered.SetMeteredKey but when we load the .msg file, it has the ‘Evaluation Only’ part in the file despite us having a licence for Aspose Total. We use the same set of public and private keys for Aspose Words and Aspose Cells and those work as expected. I am not getting any exceptions or other error messages either.

What could I do to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @inciaradible,

We have created the ticket with ID EMAILNET-41040 and will provide a fix in an upcoming Aspose.Email 23.4 version that will be published before the end of April.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you.