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Setting License For Total Applications


Our application imports a couple of different Aspose libraries, so we have a total license that covers all of them. At the top of our application we have to do something like

new com.aspose.imaging.License().setLicense("Aspose.Total.Java.lic");
new com.aspose.pdf.License().setLicense("Aspose.Total.Java.lic");

I would think that the license class would be in some aspose core library instead of copied into each individual module, so that it could be set once for all rather then per module. Is there something I am missing or a better way to handle this?



I have observed your sample code and it is exactly what is to be done. For every product, you need to call the license independently. The Aspose.Total suite is package containing all APIs together. Inside package, every API is different and one need to call license independently.


Ok thats what I figured, just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing a better way of doing it. Thanks