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Setting location and size of chat in cm

I’m trying to place and size a chat.
If I do it manually I know the values should be width: 13.18 cm, height: 13.18, x: 3cm (from top left corner), y:2 cm (from top left corner)

How do I do that in Apose Slides for Java?

IChart resultsDonutChart = slide.getShapes().addChart(ChartType.Doughnut, ?,?,?,?, false);


I have observed your requirement and likes to share that Aspose.Slides using 72 pixels per inch as mapping to slide size. Since you are using size in CM, so you may divide 13.8/2.54 to get the size in inches. Then you can multiply the result with 72 to set or get value using Aspose.Slides. I hope the shared information will be helpful.

thanks, all sorted