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Setting TAB Stops

Is it possible to set TAB Stops? If so How!


Thank you for considering Aspose.

No, unfortunately setting custom tab stops is not yet supported.

Is it possible to use any kind of TAB stops?

I saw a reference to Write("\t"), what does this do?

This simply inserts a tab character into the document. However, you currently cannot define your own tab stop position, alignment or leader programmatically.

Is the feature to set tabs ever going to be available?

Sure, we are planning to implement it in few months.

The delay is because we are not yet sure what’s the best way to expose tabstops in the public API. If anybody has ideas or preferred options, please post.

In MS Word a paragraph can have its own tab stops. Not just tab stops, but commands to add a tabstop in a particular location or delete it from there (if one is already there). Each paragraph has a paragraph style applied and the style can have its own tabstop commands (to add and delete tabstops) defined. The style can be based on another style which can have its own tabstops defined and so on. The final set of tabstops for a paragraph is a combination of the paragraph tabstops as well as tabstops inherited from the paragraph style and its based on styles.

The simplest would be to just make tabstop commands (not tabstops, but tabstop add and delete commands) available in a public collection for each style and paragraph and let the user manage them explicitly. But this goes inconsistent with the way all other paragraph formatting properties work at the moment - they automatically resolve to the inherited values from the style. It could also somewhat hard for the user to find where a particular tabstop comes from.

The other option is to try and make the collection of tabstops appear “naturally”, like in MS Word API, but this requires somewhat complicated logic behind it so I’m not yet sure what to do.