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SFTP and FTPS support?


I’ve got an “Aspose.Total” subscription and now need to automate the daily retrieval of a file stored on an SFTP server.

Browsing through the documentation, Aspose.Network does not seem to support the SFTP and FTPS protocols, can that really be ? I find it hard to believe that a solution such as Aspose would miss such an important point…

Please enlightnen me,



Hi Dominic,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Currently, we do not support SFTP protocol. Our development team will consider about supporting SFTP and FTPS protocols in the coming releases.

Hi again,

Any idea when this feature could be supported? Are we talking in months or years ? I need to know if I need to find an alternative.



Thanks for considering Aspose.Network.

Could you please tell me your project timeline or ship date? It is good for us to plan the development.


Hi, it’s an internal project, so it’s as soon as possible. The SFTP component is the final component, everything else is ready…

We are also looking for an SFTP / FTP-S solution. SFTP is more important because IIS7 FTP has thias allready build in so it is a "native" way to migrate to a "better" infrastrcuture. Wie are currently doing a project with a release date of August 2009. So we need teh bits in July to get the testing done. We own alternative solution that can handle a lot of FTP and encryption stuff, but the handling of the api and the x64 support is quite weak.

Any timeframe for the release?

Bye Marco

Hi Marco,

We have plans to support SFTP in future releases. Currently, we cannot promise any ETA due to development and testing of some other features.

Could you please provide some details about your environment in which you will deploy the solution. e.g. OS, .NET framework, x86 or x64, desktop or web application. Could you also provide more details regarding the api handling. We cannot promise the availability in July 2009, but we will try to cover all your requirements.

Hi, I’ll speak for myself in answering your questions.

I need to deploy for .NET 3.5 on a Windows 2003 x86 server, for a scheduled background service running daily.

Important point for the API are :
- Support hostkey verification to guarantee that the connecting server was not compromised in any way.
- Support File.Exists() verification on remote server
- Proper usage of exceptions to distinguish between network errors, missing file, invalid commands, etc.

Right now, I’m using the open source “SharpSsh” SourceForge project, but I find the exceptions a little too general. edtFTPnet/PRO is also an excellent .NET FTPS/SFTP component, but being an Aspose.Total subscriber, I’d like to use your implementation.



Does the current version Aspose.Network for .NET support sftp or ftps? If not, are there plans still to add these features?


Thanks for considering Aspose.

SFTP is not yet supported in the current release. We do have plans to add SFTP support. I will keep you posted about the progress here.

Hi, any updates on when Aspose.Network will support SFTP and FTPS?


I am sorry SFTP and FTPS support is still not available currently and unfortunately, I cannot tell about the ETA at this time. We will notify you when this feature will be available.

Another vote for SFTP support. We have and would rather not get another package to just support SFTP.


We have recently added FTPS (FTP over Explicit SSL/TLS). Please refer to for sample code and documentation.

FTP over Implicit SSL/TLS will be made available and announced soon.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 13173) have been fixed in this update.

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I think there’s an issue with your release notes. It says “SFTP protocol support for ftp servers” but from reading this thread it seems that only FTPS has been added?


The release notes are correct. SFTP support was added in v6.0. The thread also includes some posts older than Dec-28-2010 talking about FTPS only.

string host = “host”;
int port = 22;
AuthenticationInfo authenticationInfo = new AuthenticationInfo();
authenticationInfo.UserName = “user”;
authenticationInfo.Password = “pwd”;
authenticationInfo.LoadPrivateKey(@“path\ssh.key”); // in case this account requires public key authentication
SftpClient client = new SftpClient();
client.Connect(host, port, authenticationInfo);
// download file
client.Download(remoteFileName, localpath);

Any update on supporting native SFTP over port 22, not just FTPS (with SSL/TLS explicit/implicit). We have clients who use both scenarios and want to use the same library and just configure the proper connection type.



Aspose.Network for .NET supports both FTPS and SFTP. Please view the below articles for details and sample code: