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I’ve been trying for hours to access this property. basically my program iterates slides then shapes, it is looking for a specific shape based on alternativeText. However I have tried many methods to do this, and all return blank strings ("") for the property…

Dim Str as String

Str = Pres.Slides(sldCount).Shpaes(shpCount).AlternativeText.ToString
Str = Pres.Slides(sldCount).Shpaes(shpCount).AlternativeText.ToString()
Str = Pres.Slides(sldCount).Shpaes(shpCount).AlternativeText().ToString()

None of these methods work. Please help!!



also, I can’t find AlternativeText’s methods or members within the API (it appears to go as far as ALternativeText, but no further…)


Dear ZuluWarrior,

AlternativeText is a String property.

The right way to read it must be:
Str = Pres.Slides(sldCount).Shapes(shpCount).AlternativeText

AlternativeText property is empty string unless you set it in the MS PowerPoint.