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Shape Colour- Delete Text Box

Yet another request. On one of the slides we have a world map which is made up of different shape’s for each country.

what i would like to do is change the colour of particular countries(shape) in order to highlight them on the world map.

Each country also has a text field with the country name. Is it possible to delete or hide the countries which will not be used (highlighted, colour changed).

If this is already possible, can someone point me in the right direction (Webforms VB Code)

Thank You.

Dear JTaylor,

Thanks for your questions.

Changing formats, colors, size, deleting objects, frames, etc are the future plans for the Standard edition of Aspose.PowerPoint.
It’s not implemented yet.

We will investigate possibility to read charts and graphs.


I really need the function of changing shapes colour and line colour is this being developed.