Shapefile searching with Spatial indexes


We are looking to port some code into Azure App Services using .NET Core.

Some services perform shapefile searches. These files can range from 100Mb to 2Gb in size.

Previously we used a .NET Framework tool to do this, and that had the facility to create spatial indexes, which sped up searching by a factor of 100.

We need to perform:

  • Obtain name of polygon from polygon shapefile nearest to a point.
  • Obtain name of nearest line from a line shapefile, nearest to a point.

The line shapefiles can be very large. Without spatial indexing, NetTopologySuite can take minutes to find a hit. It needs to be milliseconds, which our previous tool can do.

Can your product perform these functions, and utilise spatial indexing?


@mikeasharp, Unfortunately, at the moment Aspose.GIS doesn’t support spatial indexing. We plan to add this feature later this year.