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Signing a PDF with Aspose, but can't pull cert

Hi everyone!

I know this topic has been touched upon in a few different threads, but I don’t know if anyone in the forum has asked this specific one.

We are trying to run Aspose from within a web / app server, and the merge and converts run well. We also wanted to try and allow a user to digitally sign a PDF with push of a button from within the app itself, but it seems that browsers have issues
accessing the personal certificate store on a machine from within javascript (or any other method).

In our environment we can’t use locally installed tools, etc, so the solution would have to live within the app itself.

A lot of folks seem to have tried, but so far I can’t find anything that worked.

Any help is appreciated!


Aspose.PDF for .NET currently offers the functionality to add digital signatures from a key store location. Speaking of the issue that you have been facing, it looks like it is due to the browser and JavaScript restrictions that they would not allow accessing the personal certificate store. As per our understandings, you want to keep certificates inside your application and use Aspose to access it to sign PDF document. OR do you need users to upload their own certificate file to sign the PDF? Please confirm so that we can further try to assist you accordingly.


Correct, I think the issue is caused by the browser and JS limitations. So Aspose runs within our application, and the certificates only exist on the smartcard that the user has plugged in. So we would want to pull from the card and then pass it to the application (and within the application pass it to Aspose). I don’t really think this is possible, just seeing if anyone had figured something out.



We are afraid that the functionality to read reading the user plugged smart card is out of the feature set offered by Aspose.PDF. You will need to pull from the card using some other approach in your application and once you are done, you can supply it to Aspose related methods in order to sign the PDF. We are afraid that we cannot help you in this case. Please feel free to let us know in case you need any information specific about Aspose APIs.

No worries, that’s what I was expecting.

Have a good one!