Simple file open and save problem


My code is something like this:

FileCopy(m_setup.template, m_filename)

asp = New Aspose.PowerPoint.Presentation(m_filename)

'Add new pages

'Replace text on all pages


But sometimes I get an exception on the write statement for the file already being used by another process.

I’m not threading, so who could have it open?


You can’t save presentation to the same file.


If I have multiple threads (I don’t yet but it’s somewhere in my future) that want to modify the same file, but with different data, how do I do it?

Should I copy the template to a temporary file, make the changes, save under the permanent name, then delete the temp file?

Or can I have multiple threads modifying the same template file as long as they save to different names?


Yes, you should use temporary file.

It’s possible to read the same file from different threads but you need to open it as read-only stream and use another constructor for Presentation class.