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Simple question about BindHTMLFromUrl() in Eval download

i have a need to create a PDF document from a webpage URL, and i am evaluating aspose.pdf for this purpose. i have created a very simple routine where i pass in URL to create the PDF from.

string fileToSave = “”;
string pdfName = Server.MapPath("…/myFolder/pdfs/" + DateTime.Now.Millisecond.ToString() + “.pdf”);

this all works great. No errors, and i get a PDF generated in the desired folder. however when i open this pdf, all i get is a blank page that says: “Evaluation Only. Created with Aspose.PDF…”

What i want to know is if this is by design… This is the Eval Version, and i would expect some type of eval message of this type, but i was also expecting to see at least part of my document.

Thanks for your input

Dear Mark,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

The eval version of our product has full functions. But aspx is not supported yet. We have planed to add support for it. We will soon publish our development plan about this issue.

ASPX is not supported yet?!?? What are you waiting for? This product is getting ready to enter its 3rd release! Thanks for the reply. i now know to look elsewhere. Thanks for making this an easy decision.


Dear MK,

Although our product is going to enter its 3rd release, the HTML2PDF function is newly added and is under developing. We will add support for aspx in the future version.