Single word recognition... why?


Evaluating the OCR Engine under Java platform I executed the demo package.
Environment: WIN 2008 Server 64bit + Java 1.6u35.
The result is: getText() -> abcdefgnij
What about the other part of text?
Why the engine doesn’t recognize it?

I tried also with another image (see attchment) but the engine recognize only “sheepscot”.
What is wrong in my approach?

To complete the question I send also the source code of the test.

// Set the paths
String imagePath = “./…/samples/Sample2.bmp”;
String xmlEtalonFileName = “englishStandarts”;
String fontCollectionFileName = “arialAndTimesAndCourierRegular.xml.bin”;
String resourcesFilePath = “./…/…/…/…/resources/”;

// Create an instance of OcrEngine class but providing required parameters
OcrEngine ocr = new OcrEngine(ResourcesSource.BINARY_ZIP_FILE,
resourcesFilePath, xmlEtalonFileName, fontCollectionFileName);

// Set image file
File image = new File(imagePath);

// Add language
ILanguage language = Language.load(“english”);

// Perform OCR and get extracted text
catch (Exception e)

// Get info about each part of the recognized text
IRecognizedText recognizedText = ocr.getText();
IRecognizedTextPartInfo[] parts = recognizedText.getPartsInfo();
for (IRecognizedTextPartInfo part : parts)
    System.out.println("part.getText() => " + part.getText());
    float[] quality = part.getCharactersQuality();
    System.out.println("quality : ");
    for (float f : quality)

Hi Francesco,

Thanks for your inquiry. I am preparing the required platform to simulate the environment as of yours. As soon as everything is setup, I will test the issue on my end and will suggest you accordingly.

We are sorry for the inconvenience faced.

Best Regards,

Hi Francesco,

Thanks for your patience. There is a limit of ten character recognition on evaluation version of Aspose.OCR for Java API, so that's why you are unable to recognize complete text. If you want to test Aspose.OCR for java without evaluation version limitations, you can request a 30 day temporary license here.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

Best Regards,

Ok, thanks.
I have already request a temporary licence to use it.


Hi Francesco,

It’s good to know that you have already requested for the temporary license. Please feel free to ask us for any concern or any help required in this regard. We will be more than happy to extend our support.

Best Regards,