Size of a word document


Dear all

Can you tell me, why every document created and saved by aspose.words nearly doubles its size when it is saved in Microsoft Word? For the reason that aspose doesn’t support paging at this time I must do some final formatting operations and save the file again using Microsoft word

Thanks for your support



Hi Erik,

Basically, the DOC format is not documented comprehensively so we just cannot produce files exactly like Word does. That's the reason why Aspose.Words documents might be bigger than the ones created by their "native" application. However, I'm not sure it is true for each and every document produced by Aspose.Words. Maybe you could attach the files whose sizes differs significantly to let us review them.


Or do you mean that MS Word normally produces documents bigger than those created by Aspose.Words? Either way, the cause is the same: we cannot produce files whose structure is absolutely similar to Word’s .docs.


Hi Dimitry,

First of all, the size of the documents created by the use of aspsoe.words is fine. The problem occurs if I open such a file in Word and save it again (using word). Then the size of the file increases. Enclosed you can find a sample document, originally created by aspose.words. Please open the file in word and save it. Then you should see the difference. If I do this, the size increases from 44 kb up to 86 kb.

Please consider the content of the document confidenial!!




I can only suggest you to make a batch resave of documents edited in Word to make them small again:

foreach(string filename in Directory.GetFiles(dirname, "*.doc"))


new Document(filename).Save(filename);



Hi Vladimir,

thank you for your suggestion. I would be able to avoid this save operation, if aspsose.words would support paging. Can you tell me when it is planed to offer this feature?




We will implement pagination later this year. I don’t have an exact date yet.