Sizing Cells in Table


I am attempting to resize a column since there is not a delete or add method yet.
the code I am using is

For x = fpspr.Sheets(0).ColumnCount To table.ColumnsNumber - 1
table.GetCell(x, 0).Width = 0
table.GetCell(x, 0).TextFrame.Paragraphs(0).Portions(0).Text = ""

This however appears to do nothing except remove the text.
Any thoughts how I can change this?


Dear Ray,

If you really would like to delete some cells you should delete it in Shapes collection and recalculate coordinates for all other shapes in the table (all Rectangles and all Lines).
But in any case even if you will set all coordinates right MS PowerPoint will not recognize it as table anymore.


I don’t need to delete it if I no longer can keep a table. What I am looking to do is take a table with 13 columns and if I am only going to use 3 set the size of the other 10 columns to 0 handle the resize of the 3 used columns and not see the other 10 columns that are set as width 0
Is it not possible to resize the width of a column? I am cloning a table with only 1 row so any changes to that row should propagate to the added rows.