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Skewed image and font sizing when converting to PDF

When converting attached xlsx to PDF, the images and font sizing seems skewed.
I intentionally created a image with squares and circles to illustrate this.
The PDF output becomes more like rectangles and ovals.
Additionally, the font sizing seems strange as well.

image.png (4.4 KB)

image.png (4.4 KB)

Version used: com.aspose:aspose-cells:20.8
File used to test: _page_logo_test.zip (14.2 KB)

I have attached the output Pdf files created with Aspose.Cells and MS Excel where the shapes look same. Aspose.Cells mimics MS Excel and the output files are not different.

Aspose.pdf (13.2 KB)
Excel.pdf (4.6 KB)

I agree that column J is very similar in the PDFs that you provided.

However, in the PDFs that you provided, the upper left image is also skewed.
Kindly take another look at your PDFs attachments please.

May I also know the Excel version you used, and the steps you used to create the PDF?

  • I am using Microsoft Excel 2016 MSO (16.0.13029.20232).
  • I created the PDF using, File -> Export -> Create PDF

We have tested the scenario using following sample code:

Workbook workbook = new Workbook("_page_logo_test.xlsx");
workbook.save("_page_logo_test.pdf",new PdfSaveOptions() {});

You may please try the scenario using the latest version and share the feedback.
aspose-cells-20.8.6-java.zip (7.2 MB)
_page_logo_test (2).zip (12.4 KB)
Comparison.PNG (41.1 KB)

I give it a try, and getting same results as before.

was “_page_logo_test (2).zip” generated by you using “aspose-cells-20.8.6-java.zip”?
Odd. Why am I not getting the same output?


We evaluated your issue further. The default font in the workbook is “돋움”(English name is “Dotum”). Please make sure that the font is installed on your machine. For Win 10, this font can be added by choose/add “Korean Supplemental Fonts” in windows settings -> Apps -> Optional features -> Add a feature, see the screenshot for your reference:
image_2020_09_03T07_20_07_593Z.png (9.9 KB)

After installing the font, please give it a try to your scenario, it should work fine.

I can accept that when a font is missing, the default font used might be different and therefore it may look different. The missing font explains the font sizing fully, but not so much the logo skewed from original size.

I did a test by taking the logo, and putting it into a new spreadsheet, and the issue disappears.
I did not test out by installing the font yet, but I feel the picture sizing should not be affected by missing fonts.


The location of the image in your source file is defined by topLeft and rightBottom corner, e.g. topLeft corner is in which row and column, and rightBottom Corner is in which row and column. Please note, the default font of the workbook effects the column width. So, the image width would not be right if the default font is not installed. The image looks like to be stretched if the font is missing.

Thanks for the explanation. I will give it a try and feedback if it fixes the problem.


Yes, as suggested (after installing the font), please give it try to your scenario/case.