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Slide name

can we give the slide name? if possible give example

Dear subbu,

Yes, you can give it name with Slide.Name property in .NET and Slide.setName() in JAVA.

can ugive the example.

that property is not working

Please see the C# code below. It creates a presentation and set the name of the slide, then it writes it on disk. Then it reads back and iterates the slide collection and in each iteration it checks the slide's name property, if it finds some slide with name set earlier it prints It works. on console.



//Create presentation

Presentation pres = new Presentation();

Slide sld = pres.GetSlideByPosition(1);

sld.Name = "SomeSlide";

//write on disk


//Now read it again from disk

Presentation anotherPres = new Presentation("c:\\out.ppt");

foreach (Slide sld2 in anotherPres.Slides)


string str = sld2.Name;

if (str == "SomeSlide")

Console.WriteLine("It works.");


It's not working

in my presentaion it creates more than 4 slides .i am giving the slide name in tble build function as


can u give me the solution

Can you please paste your code so that I could look into it and provide you a solution?