Slide thumbnail titles

How do you at a title string to the thumbnails on a powerpoint slide show?

Please clarify your question further.

Maybe thumbnails was the wrong discreption. When you launch powerpoint it displays icons for every slide of the presentation on the left hand side and on the right it shows the currently selected slide with the icon highlighted. I wanted to know can we append text to the icons so that you can identify the slides better.

If you just want to identify the slide for internal purpose, I mean, you don’t want to display it to user and just want to remember your slide. Then you can use Slide.Name property.

Whatever you will set it, you will find it the next time you read presentation.

If you want to display it, then I remember, the slide icon displays the title of slide, so you will have to set slides title.

I want the title of each slide to be displayed under each icon (thumbnail) on the left hand side for the user to see when first opening a PPT file.

Something like

slide 1

slide 2

slide 3

I cannot see any slide title property so to do this is it the name property of the slide I need to use?

What ever your will write as a title of the slide will appear in the Outline View as a slide name of the slide icon. See this image.

Below is the code that reads the source presentation and add another slide, see, whatever the code sets in the title appears as its name in the Outline View. I have attached the source presentation and its output and the image.

//Read source presentation, it has 3 slides already
Presentation pres = new Presentation("c:\\source.ppt");

//Add another 4th slide, note it has a title placeholder
Slide sld = pres.AddTitleSlide();

//Set the text in the title placeholder
TextHolder thld = sld.Placeholders[0] as TextHolder;
thld.Text = "Slide 4";

//Write it on disk with different name

Do you need to add a title slide I’m using empty slides and do not want them to display a title but I do want the outline view to display titles on the thunbnails.

I want the outline view to display the title on the slide icon but I do not want the actual slide itself to display the title. How do I do this.