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Slides and cutting off text

Received : 2007/09/11 10:35:54
Message : I am running the slides java with Cold Fusion 8 on an Apache server. The text is being cut off at the end of some of the screens. I am using the clone functionality.
When I run the same script in the Windows environment with Cold Fusion 7 the text is not cut off.


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Can you please attach both of your generated presentations, source code and source presentation if any?

Most probably text is not cut off but recalculated size of text frames is wrong.
It can happen if your java environment doesn’t have all fonts installed.
Jre should have all ttf fonts used in a presentation to work properly.

Anyway, please provide presentations and sources.

It's kinda strange though, since that same font is used all over the place in the presentation without a problem. We are checking the fonts right now.

The text is being "cut" off but is actually not even there in the text box.

Here are the files. And to note, the font in question is arial.

We uploaded all known Arial.ttf files in the JRE font directory with no change in the issue we are having with the text. Interestingly... all of a sudden, the evaluation watermark is showing up.

I’ve been working with Melissa on this issue. I have identified what this issue is/was, but there is a new problem.

Previously, if we had a bullet in the body that was NOT terminited with a carrage return the text was cutting off. This specifically seemed to be the case with a bullet that has multiple formattings in the same bullet, and only applied to the last bullet on the page. The slide is being copied from the source PPT file to the destination PPT file using the cloneSlide() method. If, for example, the bullet started off with a bold string and then ended with a non bold string, the non-bold portion would be dropped. However, if a carrage return was added to the bullet in the source PPT File the entire text shows up fine in the resulting PPT file.

However, we still have one slide where that little hack doesn’t seem to be fixing the problem. If you have any thoughts on how to continue to troubleshoot this issue, I would be grateful.

Evan Keller

Update… the issue I was facing seems to be along the same lines. It’s all about the formatting of text. When the formatting (color, bold, etc.) of a font is changed the final block of text is dropped. In this case, I actaully created two different text boxes and placed each of the different types of formatted text in each one. That hack solved this issue, but obviously none of these are solutions to the real problem.

Can you please create a single slide source presentation and reproduce the problem and then show the code used by you? It will help to find out if the problem is due to textframe formatting or something else?

If you can then please attach all three things source/input presentation, target/output presentation and source code.


I’m not sure, but it looks like you use old version of Aspose.Slides on this apache server.
This problem was fixed ages ago and all last versions should work fine.

About watermark.
1. You commented out SetLicense call.
2. SetLicense call must be before any operations with ppt files. It should be the first lines of your app’s code.

Can you tell me where I can get the latest version so that I can load it and make sure I am using the right version. The version I have now, I downloaded as an eval off your Web site a few months ago (3-4 maybe?).

About teh watermark… I had uncommened out the SetLicense call, but I had made a copy of the aspose.slides.jar file and placed it in the same directory as the CFM file. I had done this for a complete unrelated purposed, but as soon as I removed the jar file from the current director everything started working again.

To get the latest version of Aspose.Slides for Java, follow this link.

I’m getting the following message as I try to download it.>XXX.XXX.1.107:49607 Download request is dropped due to exceeding max decompress layer limit.

Go to this link and click on the Download tab. I have successfully downloaded without any error message.

I still get the exact same response. Below is the HTML source of the page (I have masked my IP address).

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Request is dropped</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>>XXX.XXX.1.107:49810 Download request is dropped due to exceeding max decompress layer limit.

I have uploaded the file at . Please get it from this link.

I thought the problem might be the fact that I am using Firefox on a Mac, so I fired up IE6 on a PC, but I am still getting the exact same results.

Nevermind. I tried the other link and got the exact same result. I believe this problem is on my end with my firewall.