Small fonts size when convert from RTF to PDF


I am using Aspose.Word 15.1 to convert RTF file to PDF
The font size in the converted PDF is much smaller than its size in the original RTF.

Note: Looks like in Aspose.Word 17.2, the issue is resolve, however we allrady have customer using Aspose 15.1 and we dont want to upgrade it.

Is there any workaround i can do in the code to make the font bigger?
Or is there any update you have for Aspose.Word 15.1 that will resolve the issue?

RTF Attached

Please Assist.
Yaniv (1.3 KB)


Thanks for your inquiry. Please note we maintain a single code base of Aspose.Words, so all the fixes and new features/enhancements are implemented in latest version of DLL. So I am afraid we can not provide any hotfix or workaround for older version. Please download and use latest version of Aspose.Words for .NET, it will resolve the issue.

b094b2ee-3289-4661-a92c-09579993c3dc_176.pdf (68.3 KB)

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