Smart document customization being dropped

I have 100,000+ Word 2003 smart documents that I need to convert to Word 2007. I want to use Aspose.Words to open the .doc and save as a .docx while retaining the customization metadata. If I open the 2003 file and save manually using Word, all is well. But when I do it through Aspose, the metadata is lost. I’ve tried a simple .SaveAs() and also removing/adding the _AssemblyName and _AssemblyLocation custom properties to no avail.
Attached are the source 2003 smart doc, the result from saving in Word and the result through Aspose.
FYI - When opening in Word 2007, you may get a security warning. Once you choose the option enable the content, you will get a wordy error dialog complaining about missing the customization assembly. In the file created through Aspose, the error dialog is blank.

Thanks for your inquiry. I managed to reproduce the problem and created new issue #6063 in our defect database. I will notify you as soon as it is fixed.
Best regards.