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Smart marker concatenated with string

Given that:


returns a string, is it possible to construct a SmartMarker that concatenates a string and the content of a smart marker?

Something like:
&="Some text " & Item.Title
"Some text &=Item.Title"
Some text &=Item.Title

Right now I have a hidden cell with the smart marker, and the string and the field is concatenated in a visible cell:
="Some text " & A2


We you may use dynamic formula in smart markers. You may place a marker i.e…, Item.Title in A1 cell and hide the column. Now you may place a dynamic smart marker’s formula in the B1 cell e.g:

&=&=Concatenate(A{r}, "Some text ")

Thank you.

Yes, if you read my original question, that was exactly the solution we use right now.

My question was if it was possible to do without the hidden row/column.


Well, I am afraid, the feature is not supported i.e., directly add some text with smart markers.

You need to do what I have suggested or your are doing fine.

Thank you.

Is this still an unsupported feature? We’re evaluating Cells.Net, but need to leave the worksheet in an unprotected state while still combining string literals with values resolved from smart markers.


The feature is not available and you may adopt the approach which is suggested above.