Smart Markers and Dynamic Columns

I need output in the below attached format. (8.3 KB)

My dataset looks like the below: Basically the columns for country need to be displayed dynamically (pivoted) based on the dataset. Is there some way to accomplish this using smart markers?

Persons Age Country Count
Persons Above 60 France 20
Persons Above 20 France 30
Persons Less than 20 France 10
Persons Above 60 Germany 15
Persons Above 20 Germany 40
Persons Less than 20 Germany 13
Persons Above 60 Italy 10
Persons Above 20 Italy 69
Persons Less than 20 Italy 15

Thank you for your query.

We are afraid that horizontal rendering of data using Smart Markers is not possible. You may please write your own logic to create such output using Aspose.Cells.