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Smart Markers converting everything to upper case

Is there any way to get the Smart Markers to not convert formulas to upper case? For example, in the template spreadsheet we have a bunch of Smart Markers that look like this:

&=&=IF(AND(P{r}="Not Submitted",(TODAY()-L{r})>=14),"Not Submitted - 14 Days Plus")

However, the output looks like this:


Is there any way to have it not output in all upper case?


Well, I have tested your scenario (implement dynamic formula using smart markers) a bit but could you not find the issue as you have mentioned, it does not convert all the formula contents in upper case. The output data is no in upper case. Could you try the attached version if it works fine.

If you still find the issue, kindly create a simple console application, zip it and post it here to reproduce the issue, we will check it soon.

Thank you.

I cannot use the DLL you attached to your post. Every time I try I get a System.BadImageFormatException.

I have attached a C# console application illustrating the problem.


I have tested your application with the latest version/fix and it works fine.

The previous attachment was for 32-bit environment, Now I have attached .NET2.0 compiled version which should work fine on 64-bit environments.

Please try it and let us know if you still find any issue.

Thank you.

I am now able to use the version you attached and it does indeed fix the issue. Thanks very much.