Smart object file


Can I create a smart object .psd file using Aspose.Psd?
I have a .psd file with 3 layers and I want to set a smart object for a particular layer alone(specifically 3rd layer).
Finally, I have to download that PSD file with the smart object layer.

Is it possible? If it is, Can you please share the c# code on this?



I have observed your requirements and have not bee able to completely understand them. Can you please share the details of requirement in the form of sample file and also snapshot describing your requirements so that we may proceed further to help you out.


Original with red.png (867 Bytes)
Green ellipse.png (9.7 KB)

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Herewith I have attached two image files

  1. Original with red.png
  2. Green ellipse.png
    I have a .psd file version of (Original with red.png). It has two layers Background and Red Rectangle Layer.
    My requirement is,
    I want to add one more layer (Green ellipse.png) on the above existing .psd file and I want to download or save .psd file on my local folder with 3 layers.
    The newly added layer should be “smart object” layer.
    Is it possible to convert the third layer as “smart object”?



I have observed the requirements shared and request you to please visit this documentation link for your reference. You can load the image instead of creating new one and add an ellipse on existing image.


I need documentation link about creating smart object using aspose.psd files…




Can you please visit this documentation link. The documentation link that we have shared provide support for adding different drawing objects including ellipse as layers in new or existing PSD files. Can you please elaborate following query.