SmartMarker errors : Merge cell meanwhile using &Table.column(group:merge) throw exceptions

when the SmartMarker template is below
image.png (62.5 KB)
I can get correct results like this:
image.png (51.6 KB)
but when I modify like this (merge A2 and B2),the ‘&=Level.Level1(group:merge)’ doesn’t make effect:
image.png (52.7 KB)
at last I got exception like this:
image.jpg (339.6 KB)
Hope for your help! Is that “merging cell” can not combine with “group:merge” ?


Please note, in Smart Markers grouping data, the parameter “group:merge” denotes that it will merge some cells in the column (first column in your case) accordingly for each category/item. the purpose is to use single value for each category instead of duplicates (as with “group:repeat”). It won’t merge other cells in other columns or you should not merge with other columns as it will mix the things and you will get error.

In short, do not merge first column cells with other column cells.

If you still have any confusion, kindly do provide simplest runnable sample code (you may use some variables/arrays only) for the markers as data source, we will check it soon. Also, zip your template Excel file and attach it here.

How can I implement data format like this:
image.png (72.1 KB)
data is “Level” Vertical expanding: A B B C C C, and final display is A is in A2(merged A2 B2)
B is in A3(also merged A3 B3 A4 B4) C is also like that.
If “group merge” can not do this automatically, is there any other automatic expanding way of implementing like that?


Thanks for your screenshot.

Well, you may try to devise a workaround to cope with it. For example, In A2 cell, you will put Smart Marker having “group:merge” but you will insert next marker starting from C column (e.g C2) so you will skip B column (it will be left as blank). Finally once the markers are processed, you will re-merge your desired cells for the grouped items/data (e.g “A3:B4”, “A5:B7”) manually.