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Some information is required about the features of Aspose.cells

Hi Amjad,
We are thinking of switching over to Aspose.cells from Xlsgen but before that i want to know about some feature functionalities ,whether they are available with it or not.
The features about hich we want to know are -

  1. Can we programmatically modify the templates at run time as well as add the data.
  2. Can we tell Aspose to hide a text box or add a new text box?
  3. Can we change the dimensions of graphs -shrink them or stretch them, etc?
  4. Can we do all this via the code we send to Aspose? Or once it has a template, is it restricted to placing the data in the template and that’s it?
  5. Do we have access to individual elements in the template? Can we change their positions on the page, etc?
  6. I also need to know how powerful are the Aspose libraries. Can they churn through many pages per second?
Please tell us so that we can switch over to aspose.cells as soon as possible.


1) Yes, you may modify your template Files and save them as different file formats that MS Excel supports and even more formats, e.g XLS, CSV, Tab Delimited, SpreadsheetML, XLSX, XLTX, XLSM, XLSB, PDF, HTML or image formats etc. You can modify data of cells in the worksheet of Excel file, see the documents:

2) Yes, you may add controls including text boxes, see the document:
To hide a text box, you may try:
TextBox.setHidden() method.

3) Yes, you may do it. I think you my try get/set method of ChartArea class, e.g
setWidth(), setHeight() etc.

4) Aspose.Cells for Java does provide the capability that you may accomplish almost all your tasks that you could perform in MS Excel (97-2010). It provide all the features and options that MS Excel provides. You can create Excel files from the scratch. Also, you may modify the existing Excel template Files and save them as your desired formats.

5) I am not sure about what you want, but I think you may manipulate all the objects/elements in the files, e.g Images, Named Ranges, Charts, PivotTables, Cells and Formatting, Formulas, Tables, Conditional Formatting etc. and many more.

6) Aspose.Cells for Java latest versions e.g v7.0.1 are enhanced versions, these are efficient regarding Performance for bigger processes and consume lessor resources. If you find any issue, let us know. We can check the issues soon.

Thank you.