Some issues

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Aspose.PDF for .NET for the last week, given a very specific purpose.
Basically we have a PDF template file created in Adobe Acrobat Pro, and we need to generate HTML content and put it “inside” the pdf template.

I wasn’t able to do it that way, so given that the generated content appears at the end of the template file, I basically just generated a new PDF stream and then I merge the template file with the new generated one.

There are however some issues with this approach:

1. I have no clue how to get the header and footer controls from the pdf template and put them in the generated file, so I basically have to create original headers and footers for the new stream, which goes against what our client wants, which is to be able to design and modify the header/footer within the template file.

2. Some of the generated content are HTML inputs (checkbox, text) which will be used as form fields. Although Aspose.PDF renders them nicely, it seems that it ignores the ID/name that I use and gives it a random ID as a Name (ex.: 4f146002-04f6-4515-b602-ac15c53ab558 ).

3. Also related to the HTML inputs, it seems as though I don’t have any control over the properties of those inputs. For instance, if I use an input checkbox, I can’t control the style ( check, circle, cross…) as I would if I used a “normal” checkbox instead of HTML. Also, I can’t set tooltips, export values, etc…

Can you guys help me with these issues?


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Thank you for considering Aspose.Pdf.

Well, I am not very clear about your requirement. Please share your template PDF file, resultant PDF file and your sample code to help us understand your issues and requirements. This will help us guide you in a better way regarding your requirement.

Sorry for the inconvenience,