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So far, this product has been wonderful. I am sure, everything we want can be done with this wonderful product. Besides, other queries, I have few more.

1) Making some data read only and some editable does not give fruitful results. Everytime, I have this functions, its not in editable mode.

2) In order to start from second row and place my custom dropdownlist on the first row, it seems like I had to go through creating datatable. When all placed and run, now I have tabs one for the excel file and other for the datatable just created. This has become confusing since an excel can have lots of worksheets, which can push the datatable tab further aside. Can it be such that, datatable only shows, that means no excel files are any tabs associated with it.? If I have worksheets[1] as datatable, is it possible to only show this particular worksheet.?

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1. You may set some cells t readonly by setting WebCell.IsReadonly to true. You may set all cells in a worksheet to be readonly or editable by calling WebWorksheet.SetAllCellsReadonly or WebWorksheet.SetAllCellsEditable . You may set a range of cells to be readonly or editable by calling WebWorksheet.SetEditableRange or WebWorksheet.SetReadonlyRange .

2. I think that you may use the WebCell.InsertRow to insert a new row to the first line and then create your dropdownlist. The control doesn't support hiding particular sheet. We will add a property Visible to let you determine whether to show a sheet in the next version.

Thank you.