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Some Questions on Aspose.Email


We are evaluating Aspose.Email for internal use. We had some queries so it would be really nice if some one can answer following queries:-

1. Does Aspose.Email supports LOCALIZATION ? i.e. suppose we are making use of Aspose.Email component for converting an .eml file or stream of .eml file to .msg file.Now .eml file contains some localized characters like Japanese, Chinese or Arabic etc so after converting it to .msg file does the localized character will persists ?

2. Aspose.Email component in on Dot Net framework but we have a requirement where we wanted to convert an .eml file or stream of .eml file to .msg file in un-manged code base side i.e. on C++ side. So does Aspose has something similar to Aspose.Email on C++ side ?


Just wanted to add one more question-

3. Does Aspose.Email has some kind of run time dependency on any component like Outlook or any thing else ?

Hi Atul,

Thank you for inquiry.

  1. Yes, it supports languages other than English. You may use MailMessage.Save() method with MailMessageSaveType.OutlookMessageFormatUnicode in parameters to save other language characters correctly.
  2. This might be done using COM Interop. Please have a look at this page and the related articles. Please note that we did not test all the methods/properties with COM Interop.
  3. Aspose.Email for .NET and all Aspose products have no dependencies on Microsoft Office or any other component. Only .NET framework is required.

Hi Saqib,

Regarding your point #2 above. You have mentioned that you guys did not test all the method/properties with COM Interop.
What does this mean actually ?

We wanted to make use of Aspose.Email with un manged code (i.e. with C++ through COM Interop). So Is there has any plan in near future that you guys will certified all the method’s/properties of Aspose.Email for COM Interop ?

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Hi Atul,

The library is developed with pure managed code and our test are also written in managed C#. It would be difficult for us to certify all the classes/method as COM compliant. Could you please tell us which part of the library (functionalities) you will use with COM, we will verify and plan necessary changes if feasible.

Mainly the part which are responsible for conversion from one format to another say from .eml to .msg. Also part of Aspose.Email which are responsible for populating an email precisely Aspose.Email.Mail.MailMessage class.

Hi Atul,

We will check the above scenarios and will inform you soon.


I plan to use Aspose.Email (.Net) from unmanaged C++ to convert message format and I’m interested in your answer about COM “certification” too

Hi Stefano,

Thank you for writing to us.

Aspose.Email is able to work with COM server, but at present it can’t be used fully due to some limitations, imposed by internal design. Unfortunately, we have no plans to support it in near future due to other priority tasks and resource restrictions. We already have a ticket logged as NETWORKNET-32131 in this regard and I am linking this thread with the mentioned ticket. Once this feature is in place, you will be automatically notified.

Hi Kashif,

thank you for your answer.
I’m now investigating COM wrapper and C++/CLI wrapper, the latter being more promising.
kind regards