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Sorting data by clicking on header

Hello !

I’m looking for a feature which enables the sorting by clicking on headers columns.
Is there something like this ?
By clicking on the header of the column C for exemple the data automatically sort ascending and if you click again the data sort descending.

Thanks for your answers !


Please see the demo for your reference, GridWeb supports data sorting accordingly:

Thank you.

I have seen this demo before. But it’s not exactly what i’m looking for. I want to enable for the user a sorting like the asp:Gridview sorting. When user clicks on the header of a column it sorts the data by the ascending way. When he clicks again it sorts data by descending way. Etc.

Is there such a thing or should I write the code to do it ? By the way by using the code in the demo, user can only be able to sort in one way by clicking on the header manually defined.


Well, we do have such data sorting feature (GridView sorting type) but only in data binding mode, see the following demo for your reference if it may help you. We do not provide such data sorting feature in default mode.

Please uncheck “Create in-sheet headers” and now click on ProductName column, it will do in ascending order, now click it again, it will do the data sorting in descending order.

Thank you.