Source Code of Document Explorer Form Application (C# .NET)

Hi, I would like to download the Document Explorer too, but I have this error message when I click on your post attachment: “Sorry, this file is private. Only visible to topic owner and staff members.”

Does a public version of Document Explorer exist anymore? I cannot find on github, nor in my installation folder.


We have noted your concerns and will make document explorer project publicly available on GitHub again. In the meantime, please use the following copy of document explorer’s source code:

Thank you! I think I need to create a solution to make this, do you know what target framework I need to choose?


You can now get Document Explorer from GitHub. Please let us know if you have any troubles and we will be glad to look into this further for you.

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@awais.hafeez - I downloaded the code for Document Explorer but am unsure how to execute it.


  1. Download the source code from github.
    You can run it in any visual studio that supports NetCore 5.0(2019,2022 do so)

  2. Open the solution DocExamples.sln

  3. Compile the Solution

  4. Change Startup Project to DocumentExplorer project

  5. Ready to debug or run the project. You can go to the bin folder and obtain the exe to run the application.

@carlosmc - I cannot access those files. After opening the directory for Document Explorer in Visual Studio, I am unsure how to run it.

@aspose-slides-master-001 All DocumentExplorer sources are available here on out GitHub. Just download the sources and open DocumentExplorer.csproj in Visual studio and run as a regular .NET project. DocumentExplorer is a simple Windows Forms demo application.

@alexey.noskov - I have this error. Would it be possible for you to send me the compiled version of this tool instead? image.png (2.0 KB)


From the error in your picture, I will suggest you read my post again,
In that post, I explained that you must make DocumentExplorer your startup project.

To do this you have to right-click on the top of the project name, in the solution explorer window, then select “Set as startup project”.

You will know you did it right because the name of the project will be highlighted in bold.

@carlosmc - Can you please elaborate on how to accomplish that?


The steps are in my previous reply. The reply.

@carlosmc - Do you know where I can find a step-by-step guide to get the Document Explorer tool running?


There is no guide for that, as goes beyond the scope of supporting Aspose products and has to do with knowing how to use Visual Studio tools. I will edit my previous post a bit to give you some more help. You can always look for tutorials over the internet, but they will be generic and not specific.

@carlosmc - I followed the steps you provided and now have this new error. image.png (98.5 KB)


If you read the errors you will notice it is complaining about some DLLs, and some of them are part of the SDK. I cannot help you anymore as installing and configuring your SDK is not part of this forum. There are plenty of other sites where you can find guidance on how to install and set up .Net SDKs.

@carlosmc - To clarify, my use case for Document Explorer is not to become a C# expert. I am a Python developer and would like to demo the Python SDK for Aspose.Words. During this trial, I would like to use a tool similar to the Document Explore to navigate the file DOM structure of Office Files.

Is there another path we can go down for this?


Send me a private message with an email that can receive an attachment of 16 MB. I will send you the executables in a RAR file.

Thanks @carlosmc - I have sent you a private message.