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Hi to all,

seems like a dumb question but I have yet to discover the answer by myself.
How do you, when binding to an xml source, have a space between paragraphs (and sections).
ie in this first section how do I get space between the sections in the resulting pdf? Each segment currently goes on a separate line which makes sense.
I have tried using CR and LF characters as in the second section but it does not seem to result in any change in the pdf.

Any thoughts gratefully received


Ralph Price
XML sample below:

Text on page one

Hello World
Hello World

Hello World
Hello World

New Segment in a new section which should end up on the first page



Thank you for considering Aspose.

The default space between two paragraphs is 0. You can use the paragraph margins to set the space. Please refer to Paragraph in the programmer’s guide.


Hi to all

as is usual with these problems, if you look long enough the answer will come to you.

Hello World - (This has a 30 point margin above it)
Hello World


Ralph Price


Thanks Tommy

I managed to post back to my own question before I saw your reply


Ralph Price