Specific PDF's becoming corrupt after conversion

We are using Aspose.PDF.dll version with the following code.
string inputFilename = textBox1.Text;Example.pdf (9.5 MB)

        string outputFilename = textBox2.Text;
        Document pdfDocument = new Document(inputFilename);


For certain PDF’s we are seeing the conversion produce an issue with tagging of embedded images that causes the PDF file to become corrupt. I have included an example PDF.


Can you please make sure that you are using the latest version of the API i.e. 22.2. We tested using the latest version in our environment and obtained the attached output. You can please check it and let us know in case you find any issue in it. output.pdf (9.5 MB)

Thanks for the reply! I just got access to the 22.2 version today. I’ll update this post when I am able to test.

That did the trick! Thanks!


It is good to know that your issue has been resolved by upgrading the API version to the latest one. Please keep using our API and feel free to create a new topic in case you need further assistance.