Specifying Multiple Font Folders


I’m facing of this problem with Aspose Java Barcode:
com.aspose.barcode.internal.df.r: File not found File: /etc/fonts/conf.d/69-unifont.conf(Permission denied)

Is it possible with Aspose Barcode to add a specific font Folder? Like Aspose Word or PDF?

Thanks for your help,

Thank you for your query. Could you please explain how are you using this library i.e. are you reading some barcode image or creating a barcode? You may share your simple runnable console application along with the input/output files and steps to reproduce the issue. We will observe the problem here and if required will log an enhancement ticket for adding this feature as currently it is not there in the library.

Just for your information, if you are creating barcodes and want to configure the caption, please visit the following article.

Manage the Barcode Caption