Split table by columns


Consider a table 40 rows * 20 columns and a A4 size page in landscape:

The table will automatically expand or spill vertically to the next page when there’s no more room for rows on the first page.

The combined width of the columns is too wide to fit on a A4 page (there’s only room for 10 columns per page).

Is there an easy or efficient way to split the table into 2 tables á 40 rows * 10 columns and insert one after another before I call pdf.save?

I have something like this in mind:
1. Load the entire table into memory
2. Clone the table with columns 1-10 (table-clone1)
3. Clone the table with columns 11-20 (table-clone2)
4. Insert the 2 tables in a new pdf
5. Call pdf.save


Dear dpouls1,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

The function you want is not supported in the current version. We would like to add support for this function. But We have to do this work when the current release is finished, which hope to be at the end of this month. Thanks for your suggestion about how to implement this function.


I’m just evaluating this product and have this need to split the columns across several pages as well.

Has this now been implemented in the current release or has any solution been made to this.

In our business there is a big demand for this functionality


Dear kimbaek,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

We have too many urgent tasks and have not made plan for this function. We can’t add support for this recently. Since the column widths are all set by user, I think it’s not difficult for you to calculate the table width and define small tables instead of one large table.